An Intuitive Reading & Magic Card Pull is a 20 minute session where Alisa uses her intuitive abilities to tap into what is going on in your life and gives  you direction on what path to take. She then taps into spirit to guide her in choosing an Oracle card that is in alignment of a deeper message for you.

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My journey to get here has been anything but ordinary. But, I can say unequivocally called to do this work and share it with everyone. As a young child I was extremely sensitive. I felt and saw things that others didn’t. My parents told me I had an "active imagination." 

Throughout my teen years and into adulthood I continued to experience communication with spirits but always tried to ignore it. Several years ago, I began seeing visions and feeling emotions that I knew were not connected to me. If I am being very honest this scared me silly and I kept pushing it aside. Then one day I had a vision that was so real, it was something I could no longer ignore. 

That vision played out almost exactly as I saw it 2 months later. It was a very difficult time in my life but ultimately led to my deep soul journey where everything aligned.

 I realized how powerful this work really is and how helpful it can be in finding that elusive inner balance. I'm being called to help more people and that is what I am passionate about and why you are here today.

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